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You are visiting the website of Dr. Joachim Kurzke, the inventor of GasTurb. This software for calculating gas turbine performance is well known in the public domain and acknowledged all over the world since 1995. In 2013 I sold GasTurb 12 and the accompanying software to the newly founded GasTurb GmbH in Aachen, Germany.

However, I continued to support the further development with my experience. This successful cooperation resulted in an even more powerful release, named GasTurb 13, which retained the established structure, technical standards, and engineering approach. During the development of Version 13 was GasTurb's unique selling point, the easy-to-learn, user-friendly graphical interface, further improved.

In October 2019 declared GasTurb GmbH the end of collaboration.

My hobby is writing powerful yet easy-to-use software for engineers. In recent years, I have been working on the simulation of hybrid-electric propulsion systems, transient processes including startup and shutdown as well as windmilling of aircraft engines. For this purpose, I have developed methods for the extension of compressor and turbine maps to pressure ratios below 1 and very low speeds. 

I have presented on this topic at various conferences. Results of my studies will also be included in the second edition of the book "Propulsion and Power" that Ian Halliwell, Robert Hill and I are preparing for publication in 2024.

I like it when technical-scientific software is easy to use, has an appealing graphical user interface and produces attractive graphical results. 

My work in all these directions continues - there is always room for improvement!

GasTurb is a trademark of GasTurb GmbH, Aachen, Germany