My Recent Activities

A colleague at MTU told me back in the 1990s that GasTurb was basically finished and that there wasn't much left to do. I think, however, there is always room for improvement! In the last few years, I presented the results of my work at five conferences and took part in FORUM 2022 of the GPPS in Zurich:

Simulating starting and windmilling with a thermodynamic cycle program is a challenge. Compressor and turbine maps containing data for very low speeds are required for engine starting simulations, but usually not available. Methods for extenting maps had to be developed and were implemented into my experimental versions of the compressor and turbine map preparation programs Smooth C and Smooth T.

I want to make it clear that I'm not happy with the way my ideas on engine starting and windmilling simulations were implemented in GasTurb 14. I've published my engine start and windmilling simulation methodology at the 2022 GPPS conference:

Starting and windmilling simulations using compressor and turbine maps
Joachim Kurzke
Journal of the Global Power and Propulsion Society. 7: 58-70, 2023

Another topic of interest was for me the calculation of turbine maps for conceptual engine design purposes. I converted an old NASA code to a Delphi program with a modern GUI and called it TurPer. It uses as input data results generated with the "More" calculation mode of GasTurb. At the 2022 ISABE conference in Ottawa, Canada, I presented a paper which uses turbine maps generated with TurPer:

Conceptual Gas Turbine Design: The Role of Turbine Maps
Joachim Kurzke


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